Well I missed the postman yesterday but I’ve managed to pick them up from the sorting office this morning. I’ve managed to get all of my shipments from the States without any stinging handling fees this end which I’m pretty chuffed about.

Anyway my Boley fridge vans have arrived, hopefully I can get some more of these including a flat bed or two. However Boley have stopped licensing them so their supply if very limited so if you get a chance to get hold of some then go for it before its too late!

I have photos of these not great quality but taken this morning.

These will become the Domingo produce vans, i haven’t decided if I’m going to repaint the cabs yet, maybe but again not before the show.

I’m hopefully going to be able to recreate the Ford cargo reefer out of a Herpa/Reitze model, I can get hold of an add on fridge unit for above the cab a nice little repaint and that should compliment the Boley quite well.

Well happy trucking…


Changes and goodies…

Things are moving on apace now, which is a good thing as time is getting more critical as the layout is due for exhibition in June.
The good thing is lots of goodies keep dropping through the door, although the couple from the US are still to arrive. I’ve had an issue getting hold of ME turnouts, even ME themselves had run out of stock, although I’ve been told they are on their way but I’m looking at the middle of May for them to arrive in the UK which is obviously not an option so thanks to a great company in the UK who are the importers of Shinohara trackwork and turnouts. I had 2 code 70 turnouts arrive this morning and they look great. However they are quite DCC UNfriendly more of that to follow when I wield the soldering iron to sort them out.

Check these guys out if you want more info Scalelink The site is quite a goldmine.

Lots of little resin detailing items have turned up from Unit Models. They look really good and photos will be up this week.

Well thats the goodies out of the way for the time being.

Changes. I’ve changed my mind again on the front right hand side of the layout again, gone is the plan to model Jesse’s auto shop as I’ve decided against the white building and also I couldn’t work out how to fit it to the location on the junction properly so I’ve chosen to model Domingo Produce Corp. (See below) Its a great looking building to model if you like shoeboxes with platforms ( like me ) and the reefer trucks out on the sidewalk will make a great addition to the plot. It also shows the location the layout is set in quite well.

Domingo Produce corp.
The perfect way of setting the layout!

Boley truck models have come in handy to model these reefer trucks but again they’ve had to come from the US but a good deal on US ebay has come up trumps. Photos to come when they arrive but not expecting that for a while.

With luck and some good weather the photos of progress will be uploaded this week or weekend.

Thanks all for reading.


After trudging around googlemaps and bing I think I’ve settled on the view breaker on the front right hand side of the layout, I’d gone through so many different decisions but none of them looked right as I wanted the entrance to the business to be on the Avenue and not of 22nd St. So when looking at the western end of Nw 22nd st on google I discovered the perfect building which I thought would be great to model as well as quite simple. I like nothing more than to keep things simple. So what is it I here you shout before you hit the back button.

Well its Jesse’s repair shop on the junction of 22nd st and 22nd Ave. Googlemaps has it listed as Espana Body shop, but if you drop down into street view this is what you’ll see:

Front view of Jesse on 22nd Ave
Front view of Jesse on 22nd Ave

View of the sign at Jesse's repair shop
View of the sign at Jesse's repair shop

This should be a good little project and the space thats available on the layout will allow me to model this to pretty much scale dimensions. We’ll see how I get on with white walls.

Into the Google world

As we all know by know google is one of the worlds new super powers but it provides modellers of prototype locations a wonderful tool for seeing the things you wish to model. In my case the NW 22nd St in downtown Miami, and considering I’ve never been to Miami and live a good few thousand miles away it becomes an invaluable tool without which I probably wouldn’t have been able to build the layout the way I want to.

Here is the Latch Shoe company which will feature on the front left of the layout in its bright yellow glory.

The bright Yellow Shoe Latch company