Into the Google world

As we all know by know google is one of the worlds new super powers but it provides modellers of prototype locations a wonderful tool for seeing the things you wish to model. In my case the NW 22nd St in downtown Miami, and considering I’ve never been to Miami and live a good few thousand miles away it becomes an invaluable tool without which I probably wouldn’t have been able to build the layout the way I want to.

Here is the Latch Shoe company which will feature on the front left of the layout in its bright yellow glory.

The bright Yellow Shoe Latch company

The Plan

The following is a Xtrkcad plan image for the layout. Its pretty much the final plan there may well be a few alterations to the final scenic section but the track plan is fixed. The issue I have at the moment is having the buildings at the front of the layout, there’s a fine balance between hiding too much of the track/trains and having the correct setting for the layout so the only real question mark left really is centered around the front right handside of the layout it may well be slightly altered but that will mostly likely get changed when most of the other buildings have been placed.


Xtrkcad plan

Why a blog…

Well I thought I’d set up a blog for my US HO modelling as both modelling US HO and writing blogs are both completely new to me I thought that this would both help me and others that care to read it.

So I hope that I can both entertain and showcase my modelling and keep people coming back for interest and hopefully ideas.

As things gather pace towards the TVNAM exhibition in June there will be quite a lot of posts in the upcoming 6 months, there maybe some UK modelling thrown in for good measure but thats for another time.

The layout in question is called North West 22nd St. based on CSX operations in the downtown Miami district. The layout will be roughly 5 feet long by 18-20″ deep and eventually will have fiddle yards either end with the possibility of future extensions, but we’ll see.