Merry Christmas


Have a Merry Christmas holiday and wonderful New Year everyone! Happy modelling.


A Shift in Direction

Far too much time passes by between blog posts. Unfortunately the same can be said for my modelling time. Although I’ve not managed to get much modelling done this year I have managed several projects, some of which  I shall be blogging about this year as I develop the projects further. One major project I’m embarking on is Radio control. More about that in the new year.

I have decided to change my direction a little for the time being and have begun collecting items and ideas and information on GWR railways in Wales. More specifically in Mid Wales, the Lampeter Aberayron and New Quay Light railway and the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth mainline in the late 1940s. There may be a move in to British Railways but to start I shall concentrating on late 40’s pre BR. With the recent Bachmann class 64xx pannier having another run after selling out its possible to start this project, Tom Foster on his Blog has very finely modelled the GWR Pannier of the 74xx class from the Bachmann 64xx, from which I shall be taking great inspiration. As with the typical 14xx and autocoach, the 74xx pannier was the mainstay of the branch from their introduction until the line closed in the early 1960’s.

Aberayron Station, 13 Nov 1963

BR built Ex GWR 74xx pannier class no.7439 at Aberayron in 1963 shunting the yard. The platform no longer receiving passengers now doubles as another freight loading point. Photo Copyright Ian D Nolan.

There are not many photos of line from the post war years and most are taken in mid to late 1950’s which should of meant that I did indeed model the BR days, but passenger services ceased in the years just before nationalisation and as I wanted to model passenger trains late GWR it is.



After trudging around googlemaps and bing I think I’ve settled on the view breaker on the front right hand side of the layout, I’d gone through so many different decisions but none of them looked right as I wanted the entrance to the business to be on the Avenue and not of 22nd St. So when looking at the western end of Nw 22nd st on google I discovered the perfect building which I thought would be great to model as well as quite simple. I like nothing more than to keep things simple. So what is it I here you shout before you hit the back button.

Well its Jesse’s repair shop on the junction of 22nd st and 22nd Ave. Googlemaps has it listed as Espana Body shop, but if you drop down into street view this is what you’ll see:

Front view of Jesse on 22nd Ave
Front view of Jesse on 22nd Ave

View of the sign at Jesse's repair shop
View of the sign at Jesse's repair shop

This should be a good little project and the space thats available on the layout will allow me to model this to pretty much scale dimensions. We’ll see how I get on with white walls.

Into the Google world

As we all know by know google is one of the worlds new super powers but it provides modellers of prototype locations a wonderful tool for seeing the things you wish to model. In my case the NW 22nd St in downtown Miami, and considering I’ve never been to Miami and live a good few thousand miles away it becomes an invaluable tool without which I probably wouldn’t have been able to build the layout the way I want to.

Here is the Latch Shoe company which will feature on the front left of the layout in its bright yellow glory.

The bright Yellow Shoe Latch company