Merry Christmas


Have a Merry Christmas holiday and wonderful New Year everyone! Happy modelling.


First Published article



I couldn’t resist a quick post as I’ve had my first article published. The Partwork series that is Your Model Railway Village on reaching issue 19 has published my article about building Model Railway Dioramas and small layouts, based around my Long Logging Line Layout which is the On30 layout I’ve mentioned on here and the little wooden wagons a few posts down. Whilst it may not be in one of the big 4 magazines, not that all of them would entertain an On30 layout in their pages, its still a great feeling to know that some people will get to read your article and hopefully gain something from it. It takes you through the thought processes needed for a small layout, and aims to get across the message that it doesn’t take long to build  a small layout or diorama and that they can really help you refine your modelling skills if your aim is to build a large layout.

The partwork can be ordered from Hacette if your local shops no longer stock it.



Inspiration, modvid…

Modvid is a Australian hosted website that contains an enormous amount of photographs mainly depicting modeling in 1/48 scale or US O scale narrow gauge ie On30 and On3. Although there is plenty of modeling in larger scales too by some of the most talented modellers from across the world.

Sadly the owner of the site may at any time remove the sites content.

This link is the current main homepage

Please take a look there is some stunning modelling. There are hidden away some photos that show how to make scenery.

Although the site could disappear at any moment the owner Mario is currently offering for sale 2 CDs worth of photos and videos from the site and his personal collection for under $30! An absolute bargain for what is on offer. Check out the page above and then the link here to order now.

I hope you enjoy looking through the site it truly is inspirational.

A fresh start…

Well its been well over a year since I last posted. So I thought it wise to give the blog a make over and start over. I’ve decided to keep track of all my modelling projects and some real life railwayana on this blog, so your going to see a mix of US HO modelling mixed in with my British outline modelling to P4 and now my new endeavour US On30 Narrow gauge modelling!

More of all of these topics to come over the next few days and weeks.