On30 Logging shorty’s

As I’ve been working on a new On30 layout for an exhibition this weekend I’ve had to scratchbuild a few shorty wagons. The tight radii nature of my new layout meant short wheelbased wagons were the order of the day.

Made entirely from strip wood, both model shop bought and pinched obtained from a few High street coffee shops, fitted with HO arch bar trucks with Intermountain wheels, they were a joy to build and look good behind my porter loco.

Shorty open flat

White metal tools were painted and weathered with a blackwash and metallic paint drybrushed to represent bare metal and then added on the flat for the workman. These came from S&D models and are actually 1/43 or British O gauge, they look OK on their own in 1/48 US O scale.


Both were first weathered with an alcohol and India Ink mix, which gives them a good dark grey, transparent black colour. They were then finished off with chalk powders. A general mix of black, greys, browns, white, reds and a touch of yellow powders are liberally brushed over the wood with a large soft brush, most will stick, but a lot will fall off if not sealed, which these aren’t.

Both wagons together

Both together

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