How to: Removing Vitrains factory decals…

Ah my first How to, post.
I’ve heard of lots of complaints about removing the numbers and logo’s from Vitrains locomotives and taking off the paint work underneath the numbers/logo.

So we’ll start with Aunties special edition all over blue class 37 (131).

A good tip if your new to this is to use some cheap masking tape and make a box around the number/logo so that you don’t accidentally scratch off any detail.

I start with dropping some water on to the number so that it pools, then drop a quick drip of washing up liquid into the pool of water. You’ll need at the minimum a Wet and Dry paper of 1600, preferably in the 2000+ range. With 1600 just be careful not to take off too much.

With the Wet and Dry paper gently make circular movements, if the spot drys out drop some more water and washing liquid on again and keep going until the number has gone. (37 left on for illustration purposes)



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