Slowly but surely…

You know when you have so many plans and the actual time to do them you don’t alway end up getting anywhere near what you want to do done. Well thats me at the moment, I know there is a deadline looming but working odd shifts at work including night shifts get to you after a while, (recovery time isn’t as good as it used to be!)

Any way work has been going on regardless of my lethargy, the boards are built although legs need to be attached but the layout is sat upon adjustable trestles Clicky clicky

A very useful piece of kit that seems to be having a good impact on small exhibition layouts, they fold up very nicely but can be bulky if you use more than 2 or 3 of them. I have 4 of them in my workshop where they come in very handy.

The backscene is painted, its only painted pure white whether it stays this is way is another matter although at the moment I like it but it may be changed down the line. The lighting pelmet is all attached and the lights will go up tomorrow.

The plans were laid out on the boards today and although the boards looked huge when the plan was put over the top makes it look compact but quite open which is what I was aiming for! woohoo. This means that I can get the layout outside in the sunshine (fingers crossed it lasts) and take some progress shots. The P2k GP38-2 put in its first appearance too although I’m lacking in freight cars must get some in.

The only problem I have at the moment is that I ordered ME code 70 #6 turnouts back in January and I’m still waiting for them, there being ordered for me but its been a while now and I may well have to build the point work myself, I’m more than happy to scratchbuild these but the problem there in is I cant seem to find anywhere that sells copper cladding/ PCB board the right size they’re all designed for 4mm 00 gauge layouts, although the nearest I can find is too thin but could be packed with plasticard. I’d try using rail spikes but I reckon that would be too much hassle.


2 thoughts on “Slowly but surely…

  1. Hi Dave

    Glad to read you’re making some progress; might be a pleasurable hobby, but sometimes you really have to push the boat out to get anywhere ( I think the prospect of having to gather up the tools and materials required for a modelling session coupled with having to put them away again at the end adds to the angst!). Probably why I’ve been an armchair modeller for so long!

    With regards to the sleeper/PCB strip problem: try Marcway of Sheffield. I used their stock to construct the crossover on District 22 to match the sleepers of the Peco track – (photos on my blog). I bought them a few years ago when for some unknown reason I took it upon myself to build some 2mm scale (N gauge) track – again using home made gauges – again they didn’t work!!!!! Anyway, point is I ordered them with code 40 rail so perhaps a phone call may pay dividends. Have a look first anyway at the photos a they may not be what you’re looking for (they come in the usual 18″ approx. lengths).
    By the way, I ended up meddling with the crossover, despite swearing I wouldn’t for fear of making the problem worse – needless to say……I did. And, after a day of filing and even making a new wing rail for one side – sustaining bloodied fingers to boot due to excessive filing!!!!!!- I decided enough was enough and tore them up. They are now firmly consigned to the bin which is where they should have gone in nthe first place. Considered sending for gauges to make to a new one to ‘OO’ standards, but being impatient, I took the fast track route and drove to Hattons and purchased a couple of Peco points instead; I’m now in the process of making good the slight gradient that caused the unintended ‘Gravity Shunting’ before laying the new track tomorrow. I’ve even had to disassemble the wire in tube mechanism which can be more than a little fiddly…………………..Railway Modelling…………………….I bloody detest it at times!

    Good luck in your search for the sleepers; I’m really looking forward to seeing a properly built exhibition layout built by somebody who actually knows what he’s doing.

    Best wishes,



    1. Hi Jon,
      I do have a batch of old crossing timbers (4mm) from Marcways, I actually went to the shop a few back as I have family in South Yorkshire. I had thought about checking with them. I admit I did offer up a couple of Peco code 75 points to the ME track but the code differences between 70 and 75 were too great.

      I have some goodies on the way from the States which I’m looking forward to get but more to come of that when they arrive.

      I’ve done the whole build track from scratch thing before so thats no issue I’m not sure if you’ve heard off it but I built a layout to 00-sf standard (16.2mm track gauge) which meant building everything from scratch. It was my first exhibition layout, I learnt a lot from this and it has led to many improvements in my modelling

      Shame you had to ditch your trackwork it certainly looked impressive but I can understand why.



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