Why a blog…

Well I thought I’d set up a blog for my US HO modelling as both modelling US HO and writing blogs are both completely new to me I thought that this would both help me and others that care to read it.

So I hope that I can both entertain and showcase my modelling and keep people coming back for interest and hopefully ideas.

As things gather pace towards the TVNAM exhibition in June there will be quite a lot of posts in the upcoming 6 months, there maybe some UK modelling thrown in for good measure but thats for another time.

The layout in question is called North West 22nd St. based on CSX operations in the downtown Miami district. The layout will be roughly 5 feet long by 18-20″ deep and eventually will have fiddle yards either end with the possibility of future extensions, but we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Why a blog…

  1. Dave,


    I’m also doing a Miami style shelf layout. If you have any photos of your progress, I would enjoy seeing them. If you happen to send your email address, I can send you photos of my shelf layout.

    Here is a link to another thread that shows part of what I am doing. Several structures in the foreground are gone and the layout format has been changed. I was initially going after a Lance Mindheim “East Rail” theme, but now have decided to do the “East Rail” section as an island that is accessible from several sides, as opposed to being limited to a shelf.



    Larry Boyd


    aka fastcar


    1. Hi Larry
      I have read your thread on big blue and I like what your doing. I have a fascination for this area although I’ve never been. Keep an eye out for updates as they’ll start coming thick and fast over the next few weeks. There will be a thread on bigblue as well.


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